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All show times listed, are in the central time zone.

The Funky Chicken show, with the Funky Chicken, Harry Mason:


Monday mornings: 2:AM, to 6:AM, with a rebroadcast of the show on Wednesday afternoons, from 2:PM, to 6:PM


The Morning Drive, with Doctor D:


Monday through Thursday, 6:AM, to 8:AM.


Friday mornings, 6:AM to 10:AM, it's a fun filled 4 hour addition of the morning drive, with great christian music for your listening pleasure, and lots of prizes to be won, with Trivia Mania.






The Shenanigan Think Tank, with : The Wild Grundlingh


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 11:AM, to 2:PM


Pillow Talk, with Doctor D:

Monday nights, 9:PM, to 12:AM.



The 80s Lite Mix, with Doctor D:

Tuesday nights: 9:PM, to 11:PM



The Duff Domain, with Darren Duff:


Thursday afternoons, 12:PM, to 2:PM



The Tulip Garden, withCrazy Dutchy:



Friday Mornings, 2:AM to 6:AM



Old Time Radio:

Friday nights, 8:PM, to 12:AM



The Coffee House, with Sapphire Rose

Saturdays, 1:PM, to 3:PM



The Tech Cove, with Sean Hasberry,


Saturday afternoons at 4:PM:



The Saturday Night Double Feature:

Saturday nights, 8:PM, untill.

The Sunday Praise:

Sunday Mornings, 8:AM, to 2:AM.

The Gospel Truth, presented by Faith Chapple Assembly of God Church:

Sunday mornings, 10:AM, and again on Sunday nights at 9:PM

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